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How to Create a New Team?

Anna Tsaturyan

Last updated on Apr 20, 2024

How to Create a New Team?

Hi! Welcome to Hoory AI! In this user guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating a new team in your Hoory AI inbox.

Why Create Teams?

Before we dive in, let's understand why creating teams is necessary:

  • Teams help organize agents based on their responsibilities.
  • An agent can belong to multiple teams.
  • Conversations can be assigned to an entire team for streamlined collaboration.

Creating a Team

  1. Access Team Creation:
  • Go to Settings → Teams → Create New Team.

2. Team Creation Screen:

  • Upon clicking "Create New Team," you will see a screen to start filling in the fields.

3. Fill in Team Details:

  • Assign a name for the team.
  • Provide a brief description.
  • Tick the checkbox if you want to assign conversations to this team automatically.

    4. Create Team:

  • Click "Create team" to confirm the team creation.

    5. Adding Agents to the Team:

  • Select the checkboxes for the agents you want to include in this team.
  • Click 'Add Agents.'
  • Only selected agents can see the teams on their dashboards.

6. Finish and Confirm:

  • Click 'Finish' on the next screen to complete the process.

7. Manage Teams:

  • You will see the newly created team in your list of teams.
  • Edit or delete the team anytime as needed.

That’s it. Easy as that!

Wrapping up, as you learn the fundamentals, remember there's so much more to explore with Hoory AI. The journey doesn't end here—keep experimenting, learning, and innovating with your AI assistant to unlock its full potential.